Technical perfection mixed with the chaos of creativity.
JMVDIGITAL specializes in commercial photography for product/still-life and architecture/real estate. Those may seem vastly different at first, but in execution, shooting architecture interiors and shooting a studio still-life are actually quite similar. Both are highly technical forms of photography that require complex lighting setups, perspective control, and attention to detail. Understanding and controlling the light remains the same; whether that is a stainless steel appliance reflecting a hotspot or a glossy black frame on a mountain bike. The biggest difference is the subject size!

A good portion of my shooting takes place at my in-house studio that offers plenty of space to shoot anything that can fit down a set of stairs. Denver offers access to wonderful studios as well, if needed. I stock an arsenal of studio strobes, light modifiers, stands, and grip. And for those times when we need to shoot on-location in the back country… battery packs for the strobes and even a cadre of speedlights. I’ve done shoots on a dirt trail 20 miles from civilization, in a manufacturing shop, and in a hotel conference room.

There is a full roster of independent specialists that I collaborate with depending on the project… including stylists, illustrators, copy writers, web developers, social media/PR specialists, and more. I don’t try to compete with the large global agencies. I prefer to focus on my strengths and experience and not try to be the jack-of-all-trades.

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