Junky Funk Designs

Eco-friendly function. Bold accessory design respecting the planet.

“Quality, feel-good, leisurely lifestyle content can be located here.” We are currently placing all design on temporary hold and will solely produce Limited Edition & approved commissioned design requests beginning February 8, 2017. This space will continue to flourish with unique, one-of-a-kind, lifestyle accessories that you will only find here; we invent them as we flow along. As always, everything that lands on our website will hopefully consist of content that people will continue to support & enjoy, with the occasional ability to purchase unique & beautiful designs. Please continue to enjoy our Facebook page (for sales), Instagram (for inspiration) & Pinterest (for entertainment). Feel free to contact us directly with additional questions or for information pertaining to our new vision to contribute to soul health & wellness, balance & calm living and sustainable products.

Much love, Drina & Renata

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