Mile High WorkShop

Mile High WorkShop produces a wide array of items – handbags, pillows, accessories, fabric packaging, and more. Inquire to find out if you product will be a good fit. We offer the following services in our Cut & Sew department: pattern making, sampling/prototyping, material sourcing, cutting, production sewing, and tagging/finishing.

Mile High WorkShop has many capabilities within the Wood Shop. We can provide partial or complete processing of many production items in both solid wood and panel materials.

The Mile High WorkShop laser engraving department has created camera accessories, branding tags, business cards, ornaments, coasters, and custom glassware, among other things.

The Mile High WorkShop fulfillment services department offers storage, inventory management, packaging, labeling, and shipping from Denver, CO.

CompanyMile High WorkshopTypeManufacturing and Sewing