Stellar Ltd.

All of our neckies and bandanas are hand sewn in Breckenridge, CO. Each piece whether it be a high performance neckie, full fleece neckie or bandana is the perfect blend of performance and protection. Each piece is engineered to support a demanding multi-season active lifestyle, with the softness of a fleece interior.

We started this company as a family of lifelong skiers, believing from experience that performance, fashion not only can go together, but should go together! Our products are designed to enhance your experience whether you’re a park lover, deep powder-hound, cliff-dropper, recreational groomer, beginner, world class ski racer, big mountain killer, outdoor adventuring bad-ass, Nordic speed demon, apre expert or all of the above! We guarantee they will deepen your vibe, clarify your aura, and cleanse your chakras. Why? Because our pieces are made and offered in the spirit of love and gratitude. Because we believe that skiing and being outdoors is in so many ways a pure expression of the spirit, what better way than to contribute to that expression through things designed to keep us warm, fuzzy, and feeling awesome!

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